Join me on my 2 – Day Golf School in the Heart Of The Mornington Peninsula

This is a highly unique learning experience and is strictly limited to just 4 participants. The group size is kept small so that Brian can maximize your learning experience by working 1 on 1 as much as possible during each session.

A feature of my 2 day golf schools is each afternoon of this school we get out on to the golf course to put into practice what we have learned from the morning session in a real life on course situation.

In this class you will learn:


  • Does your putter fit you?

  • A simple putting grip, setup and posture

  • How to gain distance control on long putts

  • How to read a green and handle breaking putts

  • How to hole more shorter putts


  • A very simple chipping method

  • What clubs you can chip with

  • How to control the amount your ball runs or stops

  • The easiest chip shot in the world

Understanding Your Shot Pattern

In this Session you will learn:

      • How to get out of a bunker the first time
      • Learn how to control your distance from bunkers
      • Discover if you have the right sand wedge for your bunkers.
      • Learn some basic drills to help you practice more efficiently

Bunker shots are often the most feared shots by average golfers. This need not be the case. This class will help transform your bunker play and lower your golf score.

$60 per person.

Playing From Non Flat Lies


In this session you will learn:

      • How develop the right putting fundamentals
      • How to read a green and handle breaking putts
      • Learn the 3 musts of putting
      • Improve your distance control and 3 putt less

Putting is one of the most crucial aspects to both lowering your score and scoring consistently. Yet most golfers never practice their putting let alone get a putting lesson.

$60 per person.


  • A very simple pitching method

  • What clubs you can pitch with

  • Playing from different lies


  • A very simple bunker method

  • How to choose the correct sand wedge

  • How to control the distance you hit the ball

  • What clubs you can use in the sand

  • Playing from different lies

Spots Left

The cost of this highly unique learning experience is $999.

This includes all meals, drinks, coaching, green fees & cart hire. It does not include accommodation.