The Golf Doctor Podcast Episode 11 – Are You Stuck With Your Golf Q And A

In this episode of the podcast I ope myself up for a Live Q and A session on YouTube live.
The subject was Are you stuck with your golf?
There were some great questions asked here so I hope you enjoy the answers.
The link to the YouTube video can be found here:

TGD PodCast Episode 010 – My Aussie Pub Golf Trivia Night

I recently held a a golf trivia night live on YouTube. It was a lot of fun and I thought it would make a great podaast epsode.

I may have made it a little too tough as the scores were pretty low. I didn’t want anyone to be able to google all of the answers.

How many will you get right.

Let me know.

I hope you enjoy the episode.

My thanks to Mizuno Golf Australia for supplying the winners with prizes.

TGD PodCast Episode 008 – The Christmas Episode

In this months Podcast. I talk about:

  • How to use the winter months to improve your weaknesses
  • How to use the summer months to improve your on course play
  • I also talk about 2 exciting product I have been using lately.

    SuperSpeed Golf SpeedSticks Click here for the link

    Blast Motion Golf Sensor Click here for the link

    I also have a Full Day Shortgame Golf School on Thursday January 4th from 8am – 3pm. The cost is $350 pp (limited to just 4 people). Email me at if you are interested

    TGD Podcast 005 : Why Getting More Distance Won’t Improve Your Score, How To Break Par For 9 Holes, Why You Don’t Lose Your Swing On The Golf Course And The Latest Update on Steve’s Progress On Breaking 100

    In this months Podcast. I tell you:

  • Why hitting the ball further from the tee with your driver won’t improve your golf score.
  • How to break par for 9 holes
  • Why you don’t lose your swing on the golf course
  • I update you on Steve’s progress towards breaking 100

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  • TGD PodCast 004: A story of a client that had his first sub 100 round and 3 things to focus on this month

    In this PodCast I review what happened to Performance Psychologist Ashley Clinch and my predictions for the US Masters.

    I also discuss a recent lesson where a client wanted to break 100 for the first time.

    I also discuss 3 things you can focus on this month to improve your golf.
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    TGD PodCast 003: Interview With Performance Psychologist Ashley Clinch

    In this PodCast I speak to Performance Psychologist Ashley Clinch. Ashley tells us how he got into golf and 3 things we can do to improve the mental side of our golf game.

    As it is US Masters week. We also talk The Masters and we try and pick a winner.
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