I recently held a a golf trivia night live on YouTube. It was a lot of fun and I thought it would make a great podaast epsode.

I may have made it a little too tough as the scores were pretty low. I didn’t want anyone to be able to google all of the answers.

How many will you get right.

Let me know.

I hope you enjoy the episode.

My thanks to Mizuno Golf Australia for supplying the winners with prizes.

In this months Podcast. I talk about:

  • How to use the winter months to improve your weaknesses
  • How to use the summer months to improve your on course play
  • I also talk about 2 exciting product I have been using lately.

    SuperSpeed Golf SpeedSticks Click here for the link

    Blast Motion Golf Sensor Click here for the link

    I also have a Full Day Shortgame Golf School on Thursday January 4th from 8am – 3pm. The cost is $350 pp (limited to just 4 people). Email me at brian@thegolfdoctor.com.au if you are interested

    In this months Podcast. I talk about:
    the difference between:

  • Are you a golfer
  • have you learned to play the GAME of golf
  • I also describe a 3 hole on course lesson with a client Brad (not his real name) and the take home from that lesson.

    In this months Podcast. I tell you:

  • Why hitting the ball further from the tee with your driver won’t improve your golf score.
  • How to break par for 9 holes
  • Why you don’t lose your swing on the golf course
  • I update you on Steve’s progress towards breaking 100

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  • In this PodCast I review what happened to Performance Psychologist Ashley Clinch and my predictions for the US Masters.

    I also discuss a recent lesson where a client wanted to break 100 for the first time.

    I also discuss 3 things you can focus on this month to improve your golf.
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    In this PodCast I speak to Performance Psychologist Ashley Clinch. Ashley tells us how he got into golf and 3 things we can do to improve the mental side of our golf game.

    As it is US Masters week. We also talk The Masters and we try and pick a winner.
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    In this episode of The Golf Doctor Podcast we meet up and comming comedian Sam Taunton.

    Sam is about to perform his show “Taunts Down For What” as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

    Sam has been a keen golfer since he was 12 years of age and golf is an important part of Sam’s life and as it turns out his preparation before a show.
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    How To Get The Most From Your Golf Practice.
    In this my first ever podcast. I take a look at how most people practice.

    I visit a golf range and describe what I am seeing. The way a few golfers were doing in their golf practice.

    I then propose an alternative practice method that will help you transfer your learning from the range to the golf course.
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