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It was very interesting to see Martin Kaymer choose the putter from just off the green instead of chipping.

Putting is an easier shot than chipping as it is much easier to make solid contact resulting in more consistent distance control.

A highlight for me was when he was playing the 16th hole in the last round he had a shot where there was a bunker between him and the flag. If he had chosen to play a little pitch over the bunker it would have been a great shot just to get it within a couple of flag sticks from the hole. If he miss hit it the bunker was an option or going over the green bringing the possibility of a double or triple bogey.

Instead Martin chose the putter (taking the bunker out of play and making his worst score a bogey), hitting it to 20 feet with little risk.

My suggestion to golfers is the first choice is to putt, second choice is to chip and third choice is to pitch.

If you use this rule as a guide you will see your scores improve and become more consistent.

Good golfing.

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