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  1. Brian,
    Your latest video “practicing a downhill lie shot”. In this instance (standing on the foam block) – or on a fairway downhill lie, you can’t extend the length of your club, so should we be bending our knees a bit more to compensate for the lost distance to the ball.??

  2. Hi Rod. Thanks for your question. In this instance I purposely didn’t detail the step by step how to approach this shot. I will be doing that in a video in the next few months.

    The thing with it if you just stand there trying to hit the ball your brain will make any compensations by itself. Without conscious thought.

    You are quite right the knees will bend slightly to make it easier to make contact. Try not to over think it. Just keep hitting shots and see what happens. Just try to keep the body quiet as I said in the video.

  3. Brian
    Have been working on that slice shot hit one from approx 160 mtrs
    To approx 3.50 darn missed the bird

  4. Great shot Colin. Missing the putt is so easy to do. We get carried away and full of expectation. At least you had a chance.

  5. Thanks for the bunker tips Brian. Nothing more frustrating than the hard sand bunker and having the ball come back to you.

  6. Thanks John. I hope these steps help you and the ball no longer comes back to you at your feet.

    See you soon

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