2 comments on “Is a 7 iron a 7 iron?

  1. Hi Brian,
    Yes I am enjoying the videos & they are very helpful,ie sand bucket on foot, I try to imagine it there when playing some shoots.
    I mentioned a while ago re the video quality, what are you using? The shot from the club through the ball flight & landing I think is what looks good if it can be kept in focus. I guess the ones on tv are a million $$ camera. I have found that my I pad is really good from the back of our boat videoing kids skiing.
    If you want to try that I can pop down & try filming for you.

    The lesson on putting is serving me well, improvement about 75-80% using the grip & swing you showed me. Re “what’s in your bag” was interesting, but I don’t think my game is at the point where the finer sticks would help my game. I just need to play more for now & get strokes working properly.The video on forging was good, I am aware of the diff forge & cast (do you have a brother Peter, who is into cars etc)
    The number 2 iron sounds good as sometimes the ball is down in grass a bit and I think the iron would get it out & up.better than the 5 19 degree hybrid I have. Also the putter ( I have a odysse 2 ball one that came with the clubs I brought) but I left it at home & was playing at rosebud & browed one from a mate that looks like yours
    felt great, so have been thinking of a change, also my driver that is a maxfli 13 degree, which was the right one then on their computer 2 years ago. If I hit right its not bad but don’t know re distance. Cheers John

  2. Hi John thanks for the feedback.

    I have purchased a new video camera, GoPro camera and Lavalier microphone and the first tip I used it (the new camera) on was yesterdays tip the “Back To target Drill” and all subsequent videos are filmed with this. I have also changed the rendering of the video so even with my dodgy old camera the finished product had more clarity.

    I never have a camera operator when I do my tips (I usually film them when I have a spare hour and there is never anyone around at this time so the cameras are mounted on a tripod and fixed.

    The GoPro enables me to shoot reverse angle shots and will be good for all but full length shots. On those we won’t be able to track the ball flight all of the way on full shots.

    I don’t have a brother or any relative called Peter.

    Thanks for your feedback and I look forward to seeing you at the range.

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