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  1. Hi Brian,
    Yes I am enjoying the videos & they are very helpful,ie sand bucket on foot, I try to imagine it there when playing some shoots.
    I mentioned a while ago re the video quality, what are you using? The shot from the club through the ball flight & landing I think is what looks good if it can be kept in focus. I guess the ones on tv are a million $$ camera. I have found that my I pad is really good from the back of our boat videoing kids skiing.
    If you want to try that I can pop down & try filming for you.

    The lesson on putting is serving me well, improvement about 75-80% using the grip & swing you showed me. Re “what’s in your bag” was interesting, but I don’t think my game is at the point where the finer sticks would help my game. I just need to play more for now & get strokes working properly.The video on forging was good, I am aware of the diff forge & cast (do you have a brother Peter, who is into cars etc)
    The number 2 iron sounds good as sometimes the ball is down in grass a bit and I think the iron would get it out & up.better than the 5 19 degree hybrid I have. Also the putter ( I have a odysse 2 ball one that came with the clubs I brought) but I left it at home & was playing at rosebud & browed one from a mate that looks like yours
    felt great, so have been thinking of a change, also my driver that is a maxfli 13 degree, which was the right one then on their computer 2 years ago. If I hit right its not bad but don’t know re distance. Cheers John

  2. Hi John thanks for the feedback.

    I have purchased a new video camera, GoPro camera and Lavalier microphone and the first tip I used it (the new camera) on was yesterdays tip the “Back To target Drill” and all subsequent videos are filmed with this. I have also changed the rendering of the video so even with my dodgy old camera the finished product had more clarity.

    I never have a camera operator when I do my tips (I usually film them when I have a spare hour and there is never anyone around at this time so the cameras are mounted on a tripod and fixed.

    The GoPro enables me to shoot reverse angle shots and will be good for all but full length shots. On those we won’t be able to track the ball flight all of the way on full shots.

    I don’t have a brother or any relative called Peter.

    Thanks for your feedback and I look forward to seeing you at the range.

  3. Hi Brian, It is great to see you back into writing a Newsletter, even though you mentioned it is your first. It was interseting reading about your experience with Jeremy (Physiotherapist). I would be interested in talking to you about the execises or movements he got you to do to improve your swing length. I have passed on your email to a couple of freinds so they can see your videos and the info about the upcoming class you are holding. hopefully they will subscribe to your website. Anyway good luck with everything and keep the information flowing.

    Regards Ray Pitman.

  4. Hi Ray. Thanks for your interest and your support. The newsletter was my first under The Golf Doctor guise but I have written lots before in other forms. I’m glad you found the article on Jeremy Cross interesting. I found it great to participate and I am slowly gaining more shoulder turn and added length in both my swing and distance. The exercises Jeremy gave me were designed for me specifically with my muscular problems in mind. Jeremy has worked with another client of mine and has given him a totally different set of exercises. This is as it should be because we all have differing ranges of movement.

    I look forward to seeing you at the range and talking further.


  5. This is one of my most used drills. It is especially helpful to beginner golfers as it teaches them the link between body and hands without thinking about it,

  6. Hi Brian
    A bit perplexed with your latest video noticed playing it left handed with the right handed club, can you explain the theory.

    See you soon
    Frank Robb

  7. Thanks for your question Frank. At least I know someone is out there watching.

    It was a bit of a fun tip. A bit tongue in cheek.

    The message was to let the club do the work. We don’t have to try an manipulate the club head to make the ball go in the air.

    We simply need to return the club back to its original starting point and the loft of the club does the work for us.

    The past two tips have the same message. Hit slightly down on the ball and the ball will go in the air.

    In addition it is a great shot to have in the arsenal as you never know when your ball might end up against a tree and this is a great way of playing the shot.



  8. Thanks Brian for the chip and run tip you showed me last Saturday morning in the driving range before my golf game. It worked really well and didn’t cost me any shots. It was a winner for me, winning B Grade.

  9. Well done Trevor.

    Congratulations on winning B Grade.

    I new you would be able to incorporate that into your game fairly quickly. I didn’t think it would be that quickly though.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for letting me know.



  10. Hi Brian,
    That was an interesting video about coming out of wet sand.
    My question to you is :- Do you position your stance in relation to the ball the same whether in fluffy or dry sand compared to wet sand? Plus do you lean forward having your nose in front of the ball in wet sand as in dry?
    I am still having problems in some bunkers, although last week was a little better than the week before. I know and you would (I am sure) tell me that I need to practice more as I am still only playing once a week.
    How is your golf? Are you playing more as you said you were going to?
    Keep up the videos and the tips. I am enjoying watching them even though I don’t comment on most I still look back over them.

    Cheers Ray.

  11. Hi Ray and thanks for the comment and questions.

    Firstly, your set up and ball position should remain the same regardless of the type of sand. Be it wet, dry, coarse or fine sand.

    I would be happy to check you for a few minutes at some stage.

    Although I have played more golf this year (in 6 months) than any of the last 5 years things have been quite hectic lately so I am time poor. I will get back ito it towards the end of winter.

    I am glad you enjoy the tips. I love making them and interacting with people as well.

    I’ll no doubt see you later today at the course.



  12. Hi Brian
    I have been watching your videos and found them very helpful especially the fence drill, which helped straighten my shots. I think the hardest thing For me to get right is the transition from the backswing to the down swing. It is the difference between a good or bad shot for me. Hope you can do a video on that one day.
    Regards Robert

  13. Thanks for the comment Robert.

    I’m glad you have found the Fence Drill Helpful. It certainly lets you know if you are in the wrong position doesn’t it.

    I will add your suggestion to my list of future golf tips and let you know when it is about to go live.

  14. Hi Brian, thanks for the golf lesson last Monday sorting out my problem of hitting left all the time.
    played today and I was hitting a lot straighter thanks. Am trying no to take too many things into my head all at once. Also when I am 50 to 70 mtrs out and using my 7, 8, iron I am hitting along the ground and left when 20 mtrs out using a 9 iron I feel ok and hit it fairly well ?? any ideas ?
    Thanks again

  15. Hi Allan,

    I am glad things are getting better.

    When you are hitting 50 to 70 metres with your 7 and 8 iron are you attempting to lob the ball to the target or run the ball to the target?

    I am happy to watch you hit a few at the range rather than guess here.

    Just ask when you are there.


  16. Hi Brian, usually I am trying to pitch and run when up to 50 mtrs out I have no confidence when trying to get this shot in the air.

  17. Hi Allan,

    I think it is best to for me to take a look. I’m happy to check you for 5 minutes N/C. Ask for me when you are down at the range next.


  18. Hi Brian, thanks for your golf tips each week. Very informative I am constantly having trouble bottoming out in my golf swing,Is there a drill I can practice to have a consistant swing in hitting the ball correctly each time. Thanks again for your video lessons.

  19. Hi Allan.

    I take it that when you say bottoming out your golf swing you mean hitting behind the ball.

    If this is the case. It can be due to any of the reasons (but not limited to ) listed below.

    1. Incorrect ball position
    2. Poor body position in your set up.
    3. Pulling down with your hands from the top of the back swing
    4. Improper use of the hands
    5. Improper use of the body
    6. Poor weight transference during the down swing.

    Without seeing you I am only guessing and I don’t really want to guess on something as important as your golf swing.

    Next time you come down to the range. Ask if i am free and if I am I will take a look at you for 5 mins.

    I will then be in a better position to help you.


  20. Hi Brian,
    Some time ago you did a lesson on the driver swing showing the rotation of the shoulders with in a circle. I cant seem to find it in the videos of the lessens as I need to revisit it.
    Can you let me know where it is please.
    Cheers John Wickens

  21. Brian,

    I enjoyed the SeeMore Giant Putter video. You make a compelling case for an upgrade!
    I will be in contact with high expectations of solving al my putting issues.

    Ronnie B.

  22. Hi Brian,
    Thanks for your tips last Tuesday.
    On Wednesday my drives were much straighter with the tip that my right shoulder was sitting outside the line of my feet and hips. Pulling it back in line after placing my right hand on the club seems to be working.
    Also, Liz said that she was now getting her drives in the air !

    Thanks once again.

    Brian and Liz

  23. That’s great news for you both.

    Thanks for taking the time to keep me posted.

    This year should see some big improvement for both of you.

    I don’t care how many drinks I lose in bets with you both.



  24. Brian,

    I liked the idea of your pitching practice drill shown on the latest video. ( As a golfer – I am also a good cyclist!). However – where do I find a fairway that enables me to set up circles, cones etc?


  25. Hi Ron thanks for the feedback. Golf practice like cycling training needs to be tailored and specific areas need to have a focus.

    You make a great point about how difficult it is to find a place for these sorts of drills.

    These work really well on footy ovals and parks but most councils take a dim view of golfers practising on these areas. on these.

    I filmed this click where I work and this area can be utilised by anyone as long as I am not using it for coaching purposes.

    I also use targets already in place at the range and visualise the circles around those targets. Improvisation is the key.

    I hope this helps. Good luck with playing the game.


  26. Brian,
    Your latest video “practicing a downhill lie shot”. In this instance (standing on the foam block) – or on a fairway downhill lie, you can’t extend the length of your club, so should we be bending our knees a bit more to compensate for the lost distance to the ball.??

  27. Hi Rod. Thanks for your question. In this instance I purposely didn’t detail the step by step how to approach this shot. I will be doing that in a video in the next few months.

    The thing with it if you just stand there trying to hit the ball your brain will make any compensations by itself. Without conscious thought.

    You are quite right the knees will bend slightly to make it easier to make contact. Try not to over think it. Just keep hitting shots and see what happens. Just try to keep the body quiet as I said in the video.

  28. Loved the “how to break 100”. You are so correct with the driver. Most of the time it is the competitive beast within when you are playing with mates. That is when I stuff up.
    I have taken to driving with the 3 wood and can hit down the middle 80% of the time. Purchased the Mizuno driver, lovely to look at but I struggle to hit it consistently.
    It is a simple game,frustrating,but simple. Thank Brian.

  29. Brian
    Have been working on that slice shot hit one from approx 160 mtrs
    To approx 3.50 darn missed the bird

  30. Great shot Colin. Missing the putt is so easy to do. We get carried away and full of expectation. At least you had a chance.

  31. Thanks for the bunker tips Brian. Nothing more frustrating than the hard sand bunker and having the ball come back to you.

  32. Thanks John. I hope these steps help you and the ball no longer comes back to you at your feet.

    See you soon

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