A Week Of Putting Online Course


A comprehensive one week training plan deigned to get your putting back on track.

All that is required is for you to do the four, fifteen minute training sessions (as a minimum).

The course contains all of the drill you need to use for the training plan.

As an added bonus I will personally review your putting stroke.


In this online course we spend an entire week focusing and working on the skill of putting.

I provide you with a practice template with 3 different time allotments.

I suggest you start with the minimum amount which is four fifteen minute sessions.

The course contains all of the drills you need to stop you from getting bored. Boredom is the killer of all practice sessions.

Just by following the training program you will improve your putting.

As an added bonus I will evaluate your putting stroke via video you take with your mobile phone using my coaching app of choice CoachNow.

Once you purchase the course I will set you up with your own Training Space on CoachNow within 48 hours.

It will be through this training space that we will be communicating during the course.