How Throwing A Bucket Can Improve Your Golf Swing


Hello there.

I’m Brian Fitzgerald “The Golf Doctor”.
And today we are going to use a drill that is going to help you to combine how you use your hands and how you use your body.
I call it the “Throwing The Bucket Drill.”

I hope you enjoy it.


Alright, today we are doing the throwing the bucket drill.

And all we do is use a simple bucket. You can substitute the bucket for a basketball. You can throw a cushion inside the house, as long as you don’t break the light  that’s in the lounge room.

You can use anything that’s available to you.

But all we do is we get ourselves in our normal set up position, making sure we have the right posture, spine tilted forward and I’ve actually said in another video how to actually achieve the correct posture.

So I’ll put a link to that video just on that video there. Link to Correct Posture Golf Tip.

So we grab the bucket. Get into our posture. All we have to do here, is try and throw the bucket in a straight line.

You wouldn’t really throw the bucket by doing that. I would call that the discus method. And what is the shape of the field that you throw a discus to? It starts narrow and gets wider.

I don’t know too many fairways that have fairways shaped like that. They are more like corridors. So we want to get the hands traveling away and upwards and away and upwards.

So it looks something like this. By doing that it actually teaches you how to combine your hand movement with your body movement and it gets you swinging on the right swing plane.

Okay, so that’s how we do it. If we do a correct swing. Watch what happens if I do it the wrong way. If my shoulders start pulling my hands down, I’m going to release the bucket that way. So my hands are around the back of me, and you can see my swing is traveling to the left. That could produce a slice but it can also produce a hook. It just depends on where my club face is at the time of impact.

So now I’ve got a club in my hands.I will do the same sort of things. I get into my posture and I try and swing the club back as if I’m trying to throw the golf club down the range. We don’t want to pull the club down. It’s called a golf swing and we swing the club head. So we swing the club through as if my right hand is throwing the golf club.

If you can do that you’ll hit much better shots and you will get more consistent.

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Thank you for letting me help you with your golf.

I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor.


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  1. This is one of my most used drills. It is especially helpful to beginner golfers as it teaches them the link between body and hands without thinking about it,

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