Drop 4 Shots In 4 Weeks Online Course

Drop 4 Shots In 4 Weeks Online Course

In this 4 week online training course you will be give the skills ad the practice program drip fed to you each week.

The skills covered are as follows:

  1. Week one short and long putting
  2. Week two chipping
  3. Week three pitching
  4. Week four bunkers

Over the 4 weeks you will have priority access to Brian via the CoachNow app.

You will also get your golf skill swing reviewed each week.

As this is a "pilot program" this will be the only time it will be offered at a heavily reduced rate. As a result I will be asking you for your feed back and input as to how the program worked and how I could make it better.

The course commences on Saturday October 15th

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