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  1. Hi Brian, It is great to see you back into writing a Newsletter, even though you mentioned it is your first. It was interseting reading about your experience with Jeremy (Physiotherapist). I would be interested in talking to you about the execises or movements he got you to do to improve your swing length. I have passed on your email to a couple of freinds so they can see your videos and the info about the upcoming class you are holding. hopefully they will subscribe to your website. Anyway good luck with everything and keep the information flowing.

    Regards Ray Pitman.

  2. Hi Ray. Thanks for your interest and your support. The newsletter was my first under The Golf Doctor guise but I have written lots before in other forms. I’m glad you found the article on Jeremy Cross interesting. I found it great to participate and I am slowly gaining more shoulder turn and added length in both my swing and distance. The exercises Jeremy gave me were designed for me specifically with my muscular problems in mind. Jeremy has worked with another client of mine and has given him a totally different set of exercises. This is as it should be because we all have differing ranges of movement.

    I look forward to seeing you at the range and talking further.


  3. Hi Brian,
    Some time ago you did a lesson on the driver swing showing the rotation of the shoulders with in a circle. I cant seem to find it in the videos of the lessens as I need to revisit it.
    Can you let me know where it is please.
    Cheers John Wickens

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